Striped Bass/Bluefish
These species offer lots of action and a great fight.  You will be fishing with bait (cut or live) and medium tackle, which work very well with the fish in this area.  When you get into the fish it can be non stop - and really fun.
Striped Bass arrive in late May, and stay through September
Bluefish arrive in July, and also stay through September

Giant Bluefin Tuna
These giants range from 200 - 1000 pounds,  and are the most powerful fish in the sea, with an intense fight to match. Once you land a bluefin tuna you will never forget the experience.  We use mainly live bait.  Common sights on these trips are whales, sharks, seals and dolphins.
Bluefin Tuna season begins June 1st and runs through October
Federal Law denotes a keeper bluefin as 73” or larger. These tuna(s) will become property of the boat, and you are entitled to 1/4 of the sale, to a maximum of the charter fee paid

Gloucester is famous for its proximity to the offshore cod and haddock grounds which offer the best cod fishing on the east coast.  These are great eating fish, and you will be able to take home plenty.
Codfish/Haddock are year round fisheries

What to Bring

Sunglasses(polarized ideally)
Warm Clothes
(no hard alcohol)
Coolers for your catch




Charter PricesDeposit required for full day charters  $400

Cod/Haddock  - 9 Hours /Full Day   - $1200
Tuna  - 9 Hours /Full Day   - $1200
Striped Bass and Bluefish - 8 hours/Full Day - $1000
Striped Bass and Bluefish - 4 hours/Half Day - $550
Striped Bass and Bluefish - 4 hours/Sunset - $550

Full payment is required in advance for all half day and sunset charters.  A $400 deposit is required for all full day fishing charters.

Deposits are non-refundable unless the charter is canceled due to weather or your cancellation is received 1 week prior to your trip.



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