Captain Steve Corbett has been fishing the waters of Cape Ann
for 25 years.

Steve is known for always finding fish, even on really slow days.
He has won numerous local tournaments, and is one of the top
striper fisherman in the area.

Whatever your age or experience level, Steve and his
mate/brother Matt will make sure you have a great day
with Osprey Charters.

The Osprey is a 35’ Duffy, Downeast style. The boat is outfitted
with the highest quality electronics, and completely updated
safety equipment.

All bait and tackle will be provided. The crew will fillet and
bag your catch for you.


Chumcutter - the fastest way to cut bait!
Check out our ebay store to get yours!

The Chumcutter is made in the USA of marine grade king starboard, stainless steel fasteners and PVC handles.  We include the perfect cutting tool -  a 10"serrated, stainless Dexter knife.  

It was developed by a fisherman to cut bait quickly and easily, as well as keep his mates from quitting!  The chum cutter will cut any type of fish that can fit inside, from herring & butterfish to larger bait like mackerel & menhaden.  You can even use frozen bait.  It allows you to cut a 5 gallon bucket of chum in under 3 minutes.

This product is completely weatherproof & is easy to clean. It weighs just under 10 lbs & is as portable as a 5 gallon bucket.  The Chumcutter is the perfect addition to your fishing vessel!  It is 15 1/2" long, 13 3/4" high & 8.5" wide at the base.

Note, the Chumcutter has a patent pending.

Steve Corbett - Osprey Charters
978 764 2265
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